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Magdalena Groover Investigations name

A Global Agency of Private Investigators

PI Licence # 2327A

Investigation Services

Discreet and thorough investigations that get results.

Our global investigation services have performed background checks and collection accounts in several countries and performed investigations on companies that are based outside of the country where the client resides.

Whether the client is buying a business as an asset purchase, a division purchase, a company stock purchase, or a corporate merger, we conduct analysis reports on the target individual company or corporate division.


Our services can also be leveraged as part of an international operations risk assessment. This type of investigation requires an experienced understanding of the tools and networking that our Investigation Agency has developed throughout the years.

Some clients are uncertain of the monetary repercussions of their investments and we prepare detailed reports to help these clients assess the risks of the individual and/or company they are considering doing business with.

International verification is particularly important in these types of cases since ways of reporting credit and financials vary significantly between countries.

Some examples include:
• The Capitalization of the Company
• The Revenue, Profit and Margin Trends
• Competitors and Industries
• Management and Share Ownership
• Proof the company is legitimate
• Criminal records
• Education verification

As licensed Private Investigators, our services are local, state, nationwide, and international and include:  

  • Backgrounds
  • Asset reports
  • Surveillance
  • Criminal investigations
  • Civil investigations
  • Personal injury

Crisis Management

Our experience in crisis management has involved assisting Attorneys, Corporations, Businesses, and individuals who may be facing criminal investigations, or who find themselves involved in litigation.

Conducting internal investigations with foreign clients in criminal and related civil and administrative matters has been at the federal, state, and local levels.